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You’re a consultant            $150/mo
You do work for one, two, or three clients in a year and you’re a one person company. Your situation is unique, and so is your paperwork.
You’re a very small business              $250/mo   
You’re just getting started, or you’ve chosen to keep things small. You’re a one person show or you have a business partner. You don’t yet have any employees or subcontractors, and you have fewer than 20 invoices or sales transactions per month.
You’re a small business            $350/mo             
Most of our clients fit into this category. Your business has gained traction, and you have a solid customer base. You have a couple of people on the payroll, and your transaction volume is solid.
You’re becoming a big small business    $500/mo
You have a solid group of staff, many happy customers, lots of transactions, and even some fairly complex ones.
Behind on your paperwork or your taxes?
Don’t worry.  We understand that getting caught up can be a burden, so don’t put it off. Just take everything you have, put it in a box, and bring it in. We’ll sort things out. 
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